How SEO Optimization Companies Transformed Blacksage Dirtworks

Blacksage Dirtworks, a construction and excavationcompany, faced a significant challenge: they had a non-performing website that failed to attract traffic or generate leads. Historically dependent on word-of-mouth, they aspired to break into new markets and scale operations. This lead them to try a new approach—leveraging SEO optimization to ignite their digital presence and drive business growth.

Challenges faced by local excavation company:

  • Invisible Online Presence: Despite having an established business, Blacksage Dirtworks’ digital footprint was nearly nonexistent, with their website ranking for only 3 keywords.
  • Over-reliance on Referrals: Their sole reliance on referrals limited potential market expansion and scalability.
  • Market Expansion Needs: Entering new markets required a significant boost in online visibility to compete effectively and attract new business.

Solution driven by SEO Optimization:

Slade Insights stepped in as the SEO optimization partner to revamp Blacksage Dirtworks’ digital strategy. Our comprehensive SEO plan included:

  1. Strategic Keyword Integration: Conducted thorough keyword research to identify and target high-impact keywords specific to the excavation and construction industries.
  2. Website and Content Optimization: Overhauled their website with SEO-optimized content, improved metadata, and enhanced user experience to align with SEO best practices.
  3. Enhanced Local SEO Efforts: Focused on optimizing their local search presence to capture the regional market, critical for their physical service-based business.
  4. Continuous SEO Monitoring and Adaptation: Implemented ongoing optimization strategies to adapt to search engine algorithms and maintain high rankings.
Growth chart for Search Engine Optimization

Results From Strategic Local SEO:

The expertise of SEO optimization companies like Slade Insights proved invaluable, with significant results materializing within three months:

  • Keyword Expansion: Their website went from ranking for 3 to over 230 keywords, broadening their digital reach.
  • Top 5 Ranking: Achieved a top 5 ranking on Google for one of their crucial keywords, enhancing their visibility.
  • Surge in Organic Traffic: The optimized site experienced a significant increase in organic traffic, which translated into more leads and customer inquiries.
  • Successful Market Penetration: The improved online presence supported their strategic expansion into new markets, leading to new opportunities and business growth.


Blacksage Dirtworks’ collaboration with Slade Insights highlights the transformative power of partnering with leading SEO optimization companies. Their transition from traditional marketing to a robust digital strategy has not only expanded their reach but has positioned them as a competitive force in new markets.

Testimonial from BlackSage Dirt Works:

“The partnership with Slade Insights revolutionized our approach to reaching customers. Their strategic SEO efforts delivered more than visibility; they brought real business results and growth.” – Kyle Jameson, Blacksage Dirtworks